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 dont play mysticRO---->sucks<----

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PostSubject: dont play mysticRO---->sucks<----   Thu Sep 30, 2010 2:01 pm

dont play mysticRO even if it is a top 2 server
if u play that game you would be like a poring getting killed by a baphomet what i mean is GMs
on that server is just having fun of the players!!
in short crazy GMs(predator) kill players(prey) lol!
-->100z start when keep killing gain money but i dont know how much amount i think it depends of what monster u kill..
-->the droprate is very low so if ur going to hunt equips and card it would be difficult to begin..
-->level up will be hardy if u dobt have the right equips..and it take aloot of time lvling up
-->weapon&armor slot are normal but i think that it could be possible to have 2sllot but i hvent yet explore....

voila.....mystic game and GMs & player, mystic top 2 server

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PostSubject: Re: dont play mysticRO---->sucks<----   Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:18 am

I played this Ro for only 2 days and left coz' of it.. long time ago Very Happy

..::nEvER MeANT tO beLoNg::..

.. love is a never ending story..

Pain alone makes you strong.

-GM Haniko; Worrian; Sousuke
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dont play mysticRO---->sucks<----
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